I know I’m Insta-new, but…

And by “Insta-new” I mean “new to Instagram.”

I just recently stumbled on an Instagram account that I made years and years ago, when I was in grad school. Seeing as everyone I know has Instagram, I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl!

And, you know what? I like it! But, I do have one complaint… 

It seems like it’s a thing people do to get followers. They go around, start following someone just to get them to follow them in return, and then they unfollow you!

Is it just me? Or, has this happened to other people?

I’ve noticed a trend to it. It’s always the people who have, I don’t know, 55K followers but they’re only following like 200 people (or some hugely skewed number like that). I suppose it makes sense. It makes you look “better” if everyone wants to follow you, and you’re only following the really important people. But preying on the Insta-young, weak, and unexperienced? That’s not really fair, now is it?

I don’t mean to whine. But, some of us “Instagram newbies” get really excited when that little icon pops up and our number of followers increases by one. One’s a big deal when you’re starting out! It’s cruel to play with our emotions like that.

But, then again, I guess it’s all part of the “biz.” Still, I am making a statement right now to you, social media world. If I ever start to follow you on Instagram, no matter how many followers you or I may have, I will stay true to my “follow promise.”


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