In the mean time… (Photo Post)

I’m still busy working on my Kraków (Chunk 2- Food!) post and I hope to have it up by tomorrow afternoon. (In case you missed it, here’s a link to my first post about Kraków)

In the mean time, I figured I’d go ahead and make another, quick, photo post!

As I contemplate what posts to write in the future, I look back at my pictures for inspiration. These are some that I’m not sure will ever make it into a post of their own. 

On our way to Poland, hubby and I stopped in Segovia for a quick day-trip. It was our second time in the city, and we loved it just as much as we did the first! If you haven’t visited this wonderfully historical, cultural place, I would highly recommend it for a future trip!




And just a few from our first trip to Segovia (in June of 2014). This trip I will write a post about in the (hopefully near) future.





Okay… enough procrastinating. I need to get back to work. Until next time, blogging world!


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