Photo Post!

In preparation for my upcoming group of posts about our recent trip to Poland, I wanted to go ahead and share some of my pictures from the trip.

It’ll probably be a few days before I’m able to finish my first post about Kraków, but I simply can’t contain myself. This trip was probably my favorite of all the trips I’ve taken with my hubby.

And, mind you, it’s rivaling our Christmas honeymoon to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest… So, that’s saying something. 

Being that I’m still obsessing over this amazing city, even though it’s been nearly a month since our return to Spain, I figured I’d take advantage of the “vacation high” and put together a quick picture post.

These are my attempts to be “artistic.” I’m still trying to figure out this whole photography thing. But, it’s something I’ve been interested in and playing around with for a while now.

(Note: I put my name on two of them… like I said, I’m still getting used to this whole photography thing, so these two are my favorites… my babies, if you will. I’m a little–probably overly–protective of them.)







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