My Travel Buddy- My Cherry on Top

Cherry On Top

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.24.14 PM.png

So, this week, there’s the photo prompt thing, which I’m still figuring out how to participate in, so… sorry if I’m doing this all wrong…
The prompt is “The Cherry On Top.”

This is a picture of my “cherry on top.” No, I don’t mean the champagne or the yummy food… (although, let’s be honest, everything is better with champagne and yummy food…). I mean the handsome man enjoying said food and drink.

Living in Spain, traveling around Europe? That’s amazing. Getting to do it with the person I love? That’s by far the most amazing thing I can think of. I know how extremely lucky I am, not only to have all these opportunities, but to have this adorable face by my side through all of them.


Spain’s Quirky Charm

This is another post I’m moving to this blog from my last.

It’s (hopefully) going to be an ongoing list of things that I’ve noticed through my time here in Spain.

There are TONS of cultural differences that you’ll encounter no matter what country you visit. These are just some of the ones that have really stood out to me about Spain. Can you think of any that should be added? What about Spain surprised you the most?  Continue reading


Today, I want to work off of a one-word prompt I received through one of the courses offered at Word Press Blogging U–HOME.

As someone that loves to travel and has spent a few years living outside of my “home” country, the term “home” has gone through several different stages of meaning for me.  Continue reading

A little more about me…

So, I’m doing the Blogger U thing through WordPress to try to figure out a little more how to navigate my way through this new platform, and for day 1 they say to tell a little more about who I am and why I’m here (I’m guessing they mean here on WordPress and not the existential question of “why am I here?”).

Well, my main reason for creating this blog is to share my passion for Spain and travel.

I first fell in love with Spain in 2009 when I did a study abroad to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Continue reading

Salamanca: Two Cathedrals, One Frog, and a Whole Lot of History

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.05.03 PM.pngThis post is one I’m moving over from my old blog. Hope you enjoy! =)

Before I write this post, I should give a quick disclaimer. Salamanca is, for me, the place in Spain which has had the most impact on my life. After spending two and a half years there, I developed a love for the city which will never go away. So, I’m probably more than a little biased, but, I will try to keep this post in line with my previous ones, and not glorify the city too much (although, it doesn’t need me to do that, it’s amazing in its own right).

Located in the region of Spain known as Castilla y León, Salamanca houses the oldest university in the country, and the 4th oldest in the world. Dating back to 1218, the University of Salamanca has a very rich history. Continue reading

Hello, WordPress World!

Well, this is my first official post on my new blog!

I should start by saying that this isn’t my first blog. I have another one through a different platform, but I like this one more, so I’m going to slowly stat moving my posts, etc. over here.

This blog is basically just going to be a little about my life as an American living in Spain. I’ll talk about the places I’ve been, some of the cultural things I’ve noticed, and probably talk a lot about the food I’ve eaten.

I’ve been living in Spain now for 4 years.

I absolutely LOVE Spain! It’s my passion. I love everything about it, from the language to the people, the food, to the history… I have dedicated my life to studying Spain!

My goal one day is to get my PhD in Spanish studies and be a University professor. But, for the time being, I’m just happy wandering around from one corner of the peninsula to the next, discovering what hidden treasures (and yummy food) the country has in store for me.

I hope you enjoy going on this crazy adventure with me, my hubby (an American I met in Spain), and our puppy!