Another weekend comes to a close…

It’s Sunday afternoon, and a somewhat productive weekend is coming to an end. I’ve focused more this weekend on redirecting my efforts and free-time towards my blog and my own writing. And now, moving forward, I hope to keep up that momentum.

It’s just a small start, but it’s something I hope to continue as I go into the work week. I’m setting small, hopefully attainable goals for myself. My main priority is to figure out a way to divide my time between teaching, writing (both for work and for myself), and blogging. I also want to be more active in the blogging world as well as increase my presence on social media.

I want to do all this while still being able to give my time and attention to where I know it really matters–my home. I don’t want my husband to fall to the side. I want to make sure I’m still setting aside time for “date nights” and long meals filled with conversations and laughs. I want to make sure that my family remains my number 1 priority.

So… Let’s see how this goes! I’m starting this week with a renewed purpose… hopefully I can end it as strong as I’ve started.


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