Today, I want to work off of a one-word prompt I received through one of the courses offered at Word Press Blogging U–HOME.

As someone that loves to travel and has spent a few years living outside of my “home” country, the term “home” has gone through several different stages of meaning for me. 

Initially, when I moved to Spain, “home” was the place I grew up. The little three-step ranch in the suburbs of Chicago where I had spent my entire life.

Eventually, though, my parents sold that house. I was devastated at first when the realization sunk in that when I went “home” I wouldn’t, actually, be going “home.”

That’s when the meaning of the word really started to change and evolve for me! I learned that, even though when I visited my parents it was in a different state and in a different house, it was still “home.” The meals my dad cooked were still the same, the card games my mom and I played didn’t change. The walks around the neighborhood (although the scenery was different) were still filled with the familiar, comfortable conversation.

Going back to see my parents was still “home.”

But then, something else happened to make my idea of “home” shift even a little more. I got married!

So, now I’m living in Spain with my husband and my puppy. We have a small apartment that we rent. The furniture in it isn’t ours (and actually, it’s our 3rd apartment and the 3rd city we’ve lived in)

But still, when I get home after a long day teaching or when we return after a trip, it still feels amazing to kick off my shoes, snuggle up on the couch, watch some TV and snuggle the person (and dog) that mean the world to me.

So, I suppose all this rambling is to say that to me “home” is very simply the place where I can relax. The place where I feel complete. It’s the place where I share memories and experiences with the ones I love. It’s where I can cry after a bad day and laugh after a good one. It’s where I go to feel comforted and loved.


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