A little more about me…

So, I’m doing the Blogger U thing through WordPress to try to figure out a little more how to navigate my way through this new platform, and for day 1 they say to tell a little more about who I am and why I’m here (I’m guessing they mean here on WordPress and not the existential question of “why am I here?”).

Well, my main reason for creating this blog is to share my passion for Spain and travel.

I first fell in love with Spain in 2009 when I did a study abroad to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. It was a very life-changing experience for me at the time, and I had NO IDEA how much it would end up impacting my entire life.

That little spark of love for Spain continued to grow after I returned to the States. I talked to anyone and everyone that would listen about the country that had forever changed my life. I made it my life goal to learn everything I could about it.

For that reason, after completing my undergrad in Spanish Education, I decided to do a Masters in Spanish (Peninsular) Literature and Culture.

My main reason for wanting to do that specific Masters and participate in that specific program was because they offered an exchange between ISU (Illinois State-where I was studying) and the Universidad de Salamanca, in Salamanca Spain.

Well, long story short, I got the exchange! And, my dream of returning to Spain was made real. I went to Salamanca for the year and once again I was completely enchanted by the country, people, culture, and history.

SO…. I decided to stay…

It’s because of that one, spur of the moment decision to move to Spain that my life took a very special turn. It was in that second year in Salamanca that I met the man I would marry. We would move together to Galicia, then move back to Castilla y León (Zamora) and share our love of Spain, travel, Spanish language, and learning.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.28.32 PM.png

Me and my hubby (then boyfriend) in Madrid

The main goal of this blog is to not only share our adventures and give some useful information about the different cities and places in Spain we have visited, but to also talk a little about life as an Ex-Pat.

Living outside of your country, away from your family and friends and everything you have ever known can be hard at times, but it’s nothing short of a growing experience.

In the end, I hope to encourage more people to visit Spain, maybe even study or spend an extended time here. And… if that person who is planning a trip or a extended stay in Spain has any doubts/concerns/worries, I hope to be able to answer them with some useful tips, embarrassing (but funny) anecdotes, and lessons that I learned (some the hard way) from my time here…

I’m in no way an expert and I don’t want to pretend to be. All I am is a person with a love of Spain that wants to share that with other people. =)


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